Oct 15, 2017

Autumn day

It was the most pleasant autumn day today, the kind that we didn't get to enjoy so often this year. Pleasantly warm and sunny, but there is no doubt that autumn is in full swing. It seems that only few weeks ago I was admiring the spring flowers, and today I picked the last of the wild roses from the bush in our garden. I trimmed the bush, put away the garden furniture. Cut the grass, perhaps for the last time this year. Raked the leaves, definitely not for the last time.

The bright geraniums that were decorating my windows since early summer had to be replaced with more cold resistant plants - I picked heather - just like one season has to give way to another and that one to another still. 

And here they are, the last of this year's wild roses. We will have to wait until next year before we can enjoy their beauty again. But this is how it works in life. The roses will be here next year again, equally fragrant, equally beautiful.

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