Apr 27, 2015


Going through some stuff in the attic I came across  this Japanese railways poster. I bought it in Japan, surprisingly :) as a souvenir, only to discover that it was, in fact, printed in the UK. I used to move quite a bit at the time and every time I moved I would hang the poster in my bedroom. After some time I rented a small studio apartment which had a tiny, windowless bathroom. There I hung the poster on the bathroom wall. It made the room look as if it had a window after all. Big window, overlooking beautiful cherry blossoms on a lovely, sunny spring day.

Apr 21, 2015

Coffee person

As somebody who suffers from jet lag constantly I worship coffee.
I am a much nicer person after I have had my morning cup. And I like to have an espresso in the afternoon. And sometimes a cup in between. I've developed a proper coffee addiction. But, I am not a coffee snob. Unlike some people, I see nothing wrong with Starbucks, and if nothing else is available, even instant coffee will suffice.
Coffee tastes so differently in every country: big mugs of weak coffee in the States, the very, very sweet Vietnamese coffee that I had to dilute with more water to make it drinkable, tiny cups of thick Turkish coffee, or boiling water poured over grounded coffee beans and left for few minutes to settle, the way we drink it at my parents house. I could just sit here and talk about coffee for hours :)

Apr 17, 2015


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