Jan 23, 2016

Bare neccesities: Bread

Just like some people say they couldn't live without chocolate or meat, I couldn't imagine my diet without carbohydrates, more precisely, without bread. A staple food throughout Europe, it comes in many different shapes and sizes: French baguettes, Italian ciabatta, German rye bread... But for me the real bread is the sourdough loaf with a thick crust and soft, but firm middle, typical for Slovakia, Czech Republic and a handful of other European countries. Bread itself is plain and simple, but it can upgrade so many other kinds of food to a higher level.  What would a bowl of tomato soup be without a slice of fresh bread to eat it with? Or a hot-dog without a bun? What can improve chocolate spread more than a piece of sweet raisin bread? As the  Slovak poet Milan Rufus said in one of his poems: Bread is a reward. 

Jan 13, 2016

DIY diary

The year has begun and I've realized that this year I am going to need a diary. I didn't have one last year, or the year before, but it seems that this year will be pretty busy. The choice of diaries in the stationary store was huge, in fact so huge, that I could not decide which one to pick. So, in the end I decided to fish out my DIY box and craft my own. I used a small notice book, some washi tapes to distinguish between months, rubber stamp, so I don't have to write all the dates by hand, and stickers, to mark those special days and occasions.

And here is the final product, wrapped in some pretty fabric. I am happy to report that it is already filling up with some exciting memos and appointments :)

Jan 5, 2016

Snow at last

It started snowing this afternoon: at first, the random snowflake fell here and there, just when I was leaving the house, and by the time I reached the train station, the footpaths were sprinkled with a layer of snow. And when I arrived in the town the streets were already completely white.
Now, to those who work in the airline industry, snow mostly means delays, cancellations and trouble getting home. But I am not working this week, so I can really enjoy the first snow of this year, or, in fact, the first real snow of this winter.