Jun 29, 2015

Evening walk

Summer has officially began, but the weather at the moment resembles April more than June. It is raining with the sun emerging every so often, but always only for a few minutes. It was like that all day yesterday too. Only towards the evening did it stop raining. I took the opportunity, and went for a walk. It was cold, much colder than you would expect it to be at this time of year. And although the sun appeared eventually, the sky remained dark and angry.                                                               

Jun 21, 2015

New Samsonite

My suitcase has traveled thousands of miles around the world with me at it shows. By now it's wheels are so damaged that it can no longer be used. It's time to get a new one.

When it comes to choosing a suitcase I know exactly what I want. It has to be a carry on type with two wheels, not four, expandable and to comply with my company's standards of appearance, it has to be black. I have been a faithful Samsonite user for many years, so somewhat naturally I picked a Samsonite again. It is almost identical to the old one but with a few improvements. The only thing missing is a coffee cup holder :)

In spite of the appearance rules I tied a small bright ribbon to the front, just to be able to distinguish it from many other similar suitcases on a luggage belt. 

So, here it is. Packed and ready for our first trip together. Wish us a safe journey :)

Jun 11, 2015

Good things come to him who waits...

The black locust tree in our neighbour's yard has finally blossomed. Perhaps a bit late this year because the spring was not particularly warm. Sometimes, when I sit outside, and enjoy the lovely smell I wonder, how old the tree may be. A hundred years, or more?

After entering what feels like a thousand prize draws on Facebook, I was finally lucky to win...tadaaaa...a hand cream!

Another small parcel arrived a few days later. At the bottom of the box there was a free gift, a cute little contact lens travel case that looks like a watermelon. How appropriate: I travel a lot, I wear contacts and the design is so pretty and summery.

And finally a picture I took in the airport when I was on my way home the other day. Needless to say that I agree completely :)

And how was your week?

Jun 6, 2015

Strawberry fields forever

The strawberry farm at the end of our little town is getting pretty busy this time of year. I went there myself yesterday and less than an hour later I was leaving with a basket full of self picked strawberries. Most of the strawberries are already put into the jars in the form of strawberry jam. The amount I picked was enough for seven jars. Quite a lot for two people, especially considering that my husband is not a huge fan of strawberry jam. But some of these jars will be given to friends either as a birthday gift or as a thank you present or given to some for no reason at all, so they can enjoy the taste of home made strawberry jam.