Aug 29, 2015

A weekend away

Here is what we managed to squeeze into 48 hours: driving, sightseeing, walking, picture taking, wine tasting, more sightseeing, beer drinking, bike riding, lovely dinner, an OK dinner, lying on the grass and visiting a battle field. It has been ages since the last time I rode a proper mountain bike in the country and I am not going to deny it, I struggled at times, going up the steep hills. But, no pain, no gain, and my effort was rewarded with great views of ponds and hills covered with grape bearing vines.

Aug 21, 2015

The best time

Summer, my favorite time of the year, and sunset, my favorite time of the day...

Aug 16, 2015

White wood

The colour white wasn't my first choice when I thought of decorating the house. Cold and modern, it is often linked to minimalism, a style I don't embrace. So, in a way, I surprised myself when in shops and furniture catalogs I was more and more drawn to white items. It started with picture frames, flower pots, lamps, little trimmings, and continued with larger pieces of furniture, such as a desk, a sofa or a chest of drawers. In combination with wood, white can make a place look clean and bright without looking too contemporary.

At the moment, I am completely in love with white wood and if it was up to me, I would have it everywhere: on wardrobes, door frames, floor boards. The latter is not the most practical thing, I have to admit, so instead I opted for a more sensible solution: a white wood ceiling. I painted it myself and I think it looks pretty amazing. What do you think?

Aug 2, 2015

The lightness of being

The end of July was busy and it seems, that August will be busier still. But busy in a good way. Busy not only working but spending time outside, drinking morning coffee in the garden, cider in the beer garden and in the evening, wine on the terrace. Getting together with friends, decorating the home, going for a run at sunset, planning a weekend away and babysitting a cute little monkey.