Jun 11, 2015

Good things come to him who waits...

The black locust tree in our neighbour's yard has finally blossomed. Perhaps a bit late this year because the spring was not particularly warm. Sometimes, when I sit outside, and enjoy the lovely smell I wonder, how old the tree may be. A hundred years, or more?

After entering what feels like a thousand prize draws on Facebook, I was finally lucky to win...tadaaaa...a hand cream!

Another small parcel arrived a few days later. At the bottom of the box there was a free gift, a cute little contact lens travel case that looks like a watermelon. How appropriate: I travel a lot, I wear contacts and the design is so pretty and summery.

And finally a picture I took in the airport when I was on my way home the other day. Needless to say that I agree completely :)

And how was your week?

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