Aug 16, 2015

White wood

The colour white wasn't my first choice when I thought of decorating the house. Cold and modern, it is often linked to minimalism, a style I don't embrace. So, in a way, I surprised myself when in shops and furniture catalogs I was more and more drawn to white items. It started with picture frames, flower pots, lamps, little trimmings, and continued with larger pieces of furniture, such as a desk, a sofa or a chest of drawers. In combination with wood, white can make a place look clean and bright without looking too contemporary.

At the moment, I am completely in love with white wood and if it was up to me, I would have it everywhere: on wardrobes, door frames, floor boards. The latter is not the most practical thing, I have to admit, so instead I opted for a more sensible solution: a white wood ceiling. I painted it myself and I think it looks pretty amazing. What do you think?

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