Oct 15, 2015

More bare necessities


Pretty much everything I wrote about lip balms applies to hand creams too. I have a lot of them and they are deposited all over the house. I like to try new brands but always have a jar of the old classic, Nivea at home. I always buy the biggest pot of Nivea I can find in the shop. Of course, such a big pot is nearly impossible to carry around. The small pot is more handy, but money-wise, it is not such a good deal. So, I came up with a compromise that's both, practical, but at the same time pleases my bargain-loving heart. I've got both, the biggest and the smallest pot and when the small pot gets empty I simply refill it again from the large pot. The small pot, which is meanwhile bent out of shape from being carried around all the time lives together with a lip balm in a turquoise case that's small enough to fit in every pocket and goes with me everywhere. That way, whenever I go, I can always have my bare necessities with me.

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