Jan 23, 2016

Bare neccesities: Bread

Just like some people say they couldn't live without chocolate or meat, I couldn't imagine my diet without carbohydrates, more precisely, without bread. A staple food throughout Europe, it comes in many different shapes and sizes: French baguettes, Italian ciabatta, German rye bread... But for me the real bread is the sourdough loaf with a thick crust and soft, but firm middle, typical for Slovakia, Czech Republic and a handful of other European countries. Bread itself is plain and simple, but it can upgrade so many other kinds of food to a higher level.  What would a bowl of tomato soup be without a slice of fresh bread to eat it with? Or a hot-dog without a bun? What can improve chocolate spread more than a piece of sweet raisin bread? As the  Slovak poet Milan Rufus said in one of his poems: Bread is a reward. 

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