Mar 19, 2016

Saturday espresso

Every Saturday I go to farmers market and on my way home I stop for a cup of coffee in a small coffee shop on the corner. Although it is still a bit chilly today, I decided to sit outside. The sky was overcast so I sat there wrapped up in a winter jacket and hut, drinking my first al fresco espresso of the year. 
The way I drink espresso is quite peculiar. I take the first sip of the hot coffee pure, to savor the strong, bitter taste. Then I add some sugar - little bit goes a long way, and take another sip. After that there is usually only a little bit of coffee left in the small cup, so I add some milk. The beverage becomes more of a sweet milk with faint coffee taste. A coffee purists would be  utterly outraged at this I imagine :) Well, you can not please everybody, so you may as well please yourself, right?

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