Sep 29, 2015

Antique store

At the top of our street, near the town square there is a small shop, a cross between an antique store and a junk shop. Every day the owner takes some of the goods out and displays them on the street, perhaps to attract potential buyers, or maybe just because the store is too small for everything to fit inside. The store sells inexpensive antiques, dishes, clocks, movie posters, antlers :), small furniture and pictures. Most of the pictures are probably not what you would call a work of art, but from time to time I see some that I really like: lovely drawings of white and purple lilac, or sunflowers that in my inexpert opinion could rival the ones from Van Gogh. 

Although I didn't buy anything from the store so far, I am sure that sooner or later I will. For now however, the store is kind of a variable street exhibition, a pleasant bright spot that makes the way to the market or to work more colorful.  

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